Simplify IT business and financial management with EZTBM®

Get greater IT cost visibility fast, so you can better manage technology and business spend, plan smarter and thrive. Our IT Financial Management Solutions make businesses more systematic.



ITBMO helps you modernize your IT business and financial management practices with our EZTBM® platform. With powerful tools, we enable your organization to explain and justify technology costs, so your business can make smarter IT decisions.


Understand your IT costs beyond just the cloud. With EZTBM® you can drill down by business unit to fully understand IT service, application, and consumption costs company-wide.


Leverage real-time data to help you make actionable IT optimization decisions – with instant access to IT costs, budget reports and customizable dashboards.


Empower team members to realize the value of IT, not just the costs, through a service and consumption based IT model that lets you increase efficiency while reducing costs.


Shift the focus from a Run-the-Business (RTB) to a Change-the-Business (CTB) internal mindset to conquer pushback, fund innovation, and invest in your best technology.

Who We Help

We enable businesses to better manage technology costs using EZTBM® so they can thrive.  With our powerful tools, you can feel empowered to make smarter tech and optimization decisions.



  • Drive value conversations
  • Shape the business demand
  • Help optimize IT cost
  • Shift focus to innovation
  • Maximize IT run-grow-transform ratio
  • Drive better visibility into IT costs


  • Drive IT cost optimization or reduction
  • Instant access to IT costs and budget reports to drive quicker decision making
  • Quickly understand what drives variances
  • Drive awareness of IT costs in greater level of granularity

Cost Center Owners

  • More cost transparency for P&L managers
  • Understand the top spend vendors
  • Manage costs and plan more effectively
  • Enable greater rich-full budgeting discipline that drives effective budget variance analysis

Service/App Owners

Service/App Owners

  • Understand service/app costs end to end with a service-based cost model
  • Drive accountability and ownership
  • Drive service/app cost optimization opportunities and drive higher efficiency
  • Improve maturity for business planning and IT cost allocation

Business Unit Owners

Business Unit Owners

  • Help BU owners understand their IT service, application consumption and costs
  • Drive more value-focused conversation
  • Influence IT spend across business units based on consumption and demand
  • Provide better visibility to forecast data
  • Drive more business aligned portfolio

IT Finance Managers

IT Finance Managers

  • Implement and drive a TBM discipline
  • Build the TBM Office Drive consistency, practice and accountability
  • Guide service and application owners to build a service-based cost model
  • Drive cost transparency at financial, IT, and business level

Client Testimonials

Companies everywhere trust ITBMO and our EZTBM® platform to manage their IT business and financial needs

“EZTBM dashboards are catered to various roles within our organization, allowing quick, yet detailed interpretations of our financials and operations.”

Dave C.

Financial Analyst, University

“We have selected EZTBM, our ability to bring our financial data into a tool and deliver value to various stakeholders was not a long-standing journey: 4-6 months only.”

Neil K.

VP, IT Financial Management, Insurance

“You really simplified managing financials of our infrastructure as a service (IAAS) which has made a huge difference to how we run our business.”

Anthony S.

IT Director, Financial Services Firm

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Provide better visibility, make intelligent decisions, and manage budget plans effectively


Turn IT into a revenue driver by transforming IT from a “cost” center into an “value” center


Invest in your most crucial technology and business units with greater profitability insights

Send us a message

We’re here to help you bridge IT, business, and finance to create real value. So feel free to message us with any questions, comments, or ideas anytime.