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Running IT like a business requires a different mindset that can drive the vision to value. Many organizations have adopted IT service management practices, but struggling in cost-value conversations.

A couple of questions to ask: is your IT organization’s service owner ready for such a conversation? Can they defend their cost numbers? Are they trained enough to manage their services like a CEO? Can your CIO drive a challenging conversation with the CEO and CFO around the value of IT services in comparison to IT spending? Is your CFO aware of how differently IT financial management should be performed? Do you care about cost optimization and operational efficiency?

ITBMO realizes that addressing all these questions requires well equipped corporate team which goes beyond IT to business and finance. Modernize your thoughts around IT and cloud business and financial management.

Our workshop services cover:

  • IT services definition and catalog.
  • IT and cloud business management.
  • IT financial transparency – service-based costing.
  • IT financial transparency – service-based budgeting and forecasting.
  • IT financial transparency – showback and chargeback.
  • IT financial transparency – cost optimization.
  • Establishing IT Cost-2- Value™ Model.
  • Organizational change management for IT business/financial management.

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