CIOs & IT Executives

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CIOs & IT Executives

CIOs and IT executives are continuously challenged by IT value-4-money conversations with their CEO, CFO, and the various business units. Developing the right level of IT cost and financial transparency is a key step towards positioning IT as a business partner. CIOs and IT executives need to be equipped with the right practices that enable them to organize their IT costs around the services they provide.

Developing an outcome-based approach that focuses on the result rather than the tactics of a process accelerates time-to-value realization and makes the approach more practical and relevant. Guiding CIOs and IT executives in developing their IT services value proposition with known service-based costs helps them to drive highly effective conversations with their peers in other business units. Following are some key points for CIOs and IT executives to consider that we can help with:

• Establishing a service-based cost-to-value model that drives vision-to-value conversations that are based upon demand-supply and quality foundations

• Developing a realistic cost optimization approach to meet the business objectives • Adopting a service-based (and demand-supply based) budgeting and forecasting approach • Building specific business and financial metrics tailored to CIOs and IT executives that provide important business insight and lead to informed decisions • Establishing or improving IT services marketing functions, branding and pricing strategies • Providing demand versus capacity analysis and product costs of cloud services • Maximizing IT run-grow- transform ratio that meets IT, business and finance objectives • Participating in CIO-CFO conversations related to showback and chargeback practices • Establishing an IT Business Management Office (ITBMO) within an IT organization • Basically, running IT like a business