CFOs & Financial Executives

CFOs and Financial Executives

Helping CFOs and financial directors achieve their objectives (from the IT side) is one of our key strengths. Typically, finance organizations aim to maintain a healthier financial position of their corporates. One of the areas that finance functions keep looking at is IT organizations purely from a cost-center standpoint.

How can IT cost impact the P&L statement? Which IT cost go where? Is there a trend in shifting some costs to business units and reducing the G&A costs? What about IT costs on the balance sheets? How about maximizing the free cash flow? ITBMO can help CFOs and financial executives with the following activities:

⦁ Providing the right IT cost structure that best fits the company’s objectives
⦁ Helping with IT cost optimization initiatives
⦁ Modernizing IT financial management practices, including IT cost accounting and budgeting
⦁ Driving successful financial conversations with CIOs and IT executives
⦁ Solidifying the CFO-of- IT role and the value it delivers
⦁ Working on the IT financial objectives part of a balanced scorecard
⦁ Finding relative IT methods to improve corporate financial ratios, such as CapEx vs. OpEx, Return on Assets, Net Income (and operational efficiency) profit ratio and others.