IT Business/Financial Managers

IT Business and Financial Managers

This is an interesting IT/Finance bilingual role that is strongly evolving in the IT market. It’s the role that bridges the gap between IT, Business and Finance. More precisely, it is the role responsible for running IT like a business by employing IT and finance knowledge and skills in the daily IT run-grow- transform practice.

There are two variations of this role: IT Business and Financial Manager, who is the overarching umbrella for all of IT business and financial management, and the other is Cloud Business Manager, who handles the Cloud-use cases within IT, focusing on private, public and hybrid cloud business and financial management. Depending on the complexity and scale of IT organizations, both roles are required (but could be virtual or dedicated) to achieve a high level of IT financial transparency.

ITBMO can help IT Business and Financial Managers (and Cloud Business Managers) with the following activities:

⦁ Establishing an IT business/financial management (or cloud business management) framework to run the show as a business. Cloud Business Management helps them to work on cloud computing products and services.
⦁ Developing an end-to-end service-based cost model with Cloud Financial Management that caters to all IT services along with service-based allocation and classification strategies.
⦁ Providing guidance around service-based pricing best practices.
⦁ Supporting and modernizing any IT cost optimization initiative to deliver the desired outcomes.
⦁ Developing an end-to-end service-based budgeting/forecasting model that embraces a demand-supply foundation for planning the optimum IT investments required.

IT Business/Financial Managers

⦁ Governance amongst the cloud service providers and the clients to ensure the smooth running of the IT Operations.
⦁ Smooth task flow between the private cloud and public cloud.
⦁ We promise security on devices, applications, networks, and infrastructure in Cloud Financial and Cloud Business Management.ed.