EZTBM® simplifies IT business and financial management and amplifies value

Quickly provide better IT cost visibility, manage costs better, and plan more effectively

EZTBM® is a game changer: from IT being a cost-center to value-center. Our IT Financial Management Software comprehensively meets and exceeds the requirements of IT businesses.

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Companies everywhere trust ITBMO and our EZTBM® platform to manage their IT business and financial needs

Complete IT Cost Visibility

Service and consumption-based cost model.

For financial data sources to cost categories and from IT services and applications to business units.

Better understand the true cost of infrastructure, services, and applications end-to-end, analyze any inefficiencies, and plan for cost optimization opportunities.

Manage Costs Better, Plan More Effectively

Simplify your IT planning (budgeting & forecasting) processes to become the easiest and most IT relevant planning platform for your organization.

Reduce business risk by allowing your organization to make timely planning decisions.

Greater Insight Through Intelligent Analytics and Dashboards

Transform Excel spreadsheets into a more dynamic and intuitive decision making and reporting platform.

Modernize your IT financial metrics and link your IT operational and consumption metrics to drive value conversation.

Control Service and Application TCO

Understand the total cost of ownership (TCO) for all services and applications.

Analyze the respective consumption levels of your services and applications consumption and make smarter optimization and rationalization decisions.

Enable IT decision makers to optimize Run the Business (RTB) spend and maximize investment in Change the Business (CTB) projects and innovation.

Manage your Cloud Costs

Define public and private cloud services within EZTBM and link both financial and operational consumption metrics to understand usage and cost.

Help optimize cloud resources, increase the efficiency, and make better workload distribution decisions.

IT and Business Reporting

Advanced reporting features, you can easily and quickly distribute IT financial and business reports.

Distribute advanced IT and financial reports based on areas of interests.

Provide your business partners with showback reports detailing allocation, consumption, and costs.

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