Who We Are

A few things we’re great at

ITBMO was founded in 2016 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas. At ITBMO we bridge IT, business, and finance disciplines to help IT create real value. By leveraging Intelligent Technology Business Management practices, CxOs are empowered to accelerate their IT business decision making – ultimately, enabling them to run IT operations more like a business. We help CxOs to:

  • We advise CIOs to better align their IT financial management with the “IT-as-a-service” business model.
  • We partner with service owners to help them organize and plan IT costs around their services and business consumption.
  • We help to modernize and transform IT from a cost center centric focus to a value creator.
  • We advise CFOs on taking IT cost accounting, budgeting, and forecasting practices to the next level to help meet corporate financial objectives.
  • We assist in identifying opportunities to control and reduce costs while improving IT value.
  • We help CFOs and financial executives to analyze their financial ratios to assist with better decision making, and ultimately improve business profitability.
  • We assist IT teams to build better relationships with other lines of business to ensure that IT’s business value is captured, optimized, and recognized.
  • We help companies adopt fair chargeback and showback methodologies to promote a culture of cost awareness with regards to IT services and products.
  • We partner with internal marketing teams to establish and improve awareness of IT’s value to the business.