IT Service Owners/ Managers

Service Owners/Managers

Service Owners/Managers play a critical role in modernizing the whole context of IT business and financial management. The fact that service owners/managers are accountable for creating the foundational blocks for a service-oriented organization is, alone, enough to kick-off a service-based costing model conversation. Defining a service end-to- end drives the identification of all related costs. Every element identified can be considered as a cost element or a driver. ITBMO partners with your service owners to help them with the following:

This is one of the things we do best

  • Defining IT services end-to- end.
  • Costing out their services end-to- end.
  • Raising IT business and financial management knowledge and awareness level.
  • Operationalize IT business and financial management practices.
  • Pricing IT and cloud services based on various strategies, including consumption-based ones.
  • Budgeting and forecasting IT services consumption/demand and investment.