TBM as a Service (TBMaaS)

Sit back and let us drive your TBM journey Technology Business Management as a Service (TBMaaS) accelerates your TBM value realization and helps you focus on your core business.

Build an instant TBM Office with on demand experienced professionals

Take advantage of out-of-the-box standardized TBM processes and practice

Provide a highly capable TBM platform without a large investment

TBMaaS is an IT business outcome-based plug-in to your IT organization


Establish your staffed ready-to-execute TBMO team from day 

1. Experience stress-free staffing and skillsets cycles and scale as you grow. Define operational roles and responsibilities to fit your needs.


Create your organizational TBM run books to maintain repeatability and consistency. Define key TBM/ITFM ongoing and as needed processes.


Modernize your ITFM by providing the ability to show TCO by service, application, and product.


Employ EZTBM to operationalize the TBM discipline and practice. Simplify your ITFM to accelerate your TBM journey with TBMaaS.


Share audience-targeted dashboards and reports. Make intelligent decisions with these dashboard analytics.

BASE: Perform Standard TBM Operations

  • > Service cost model configuration
  • > Data loads and validation
  • > Model run
  • > Monthly analytics review
  • > Weekly project review

GOAL: Establish Basic IT Financial Visiblity and Transparency

Define finance and IT finance cost categories

GOAL: Optimize IT Services Cost and Help Fund Business Innovation

Perform end user and/or infrastructure services

TCO and make smarter optimization decisions

GOAL: Optimize Business Applications Cost

Peform business application services TCO and make smarter application rationalization decisions

GOAL: Build Business Capability IT Financials

Define business-enabled metrics

Goal: Enable Automation

Enrich TBM with Zero-touch operations

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