Manage your IT operations and costs to thrive

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 Technology should let you thrive.

 When you have technology in place that lets you be effective, your business can grow. With intelligent IT operations and finance management tools – analytics, costing, budgeting, dashboards, reports, and more – all built into a robust, user-friendly platform, you’ll have better IT spend visibility to identify inefficiencies and lower operational costs, so you can thrive.

Make better business decisions with intelligent IT and financial analytics

Through sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence built into our software, EZTBM® shows you spending trends over time and signals to you cost optimization opportunities. 
Already capturing IT operations and finance data? Fantastic! It’ll make setting up your custom metrics and dashboards even easier so you can make the right business decisions quickly.
intelligent IT and Financial Analytics
Manage IT and Financial Data

Import, export, and manage your IT and financial data securely in one place 

Add your data as a .CSV spreadsheet or setup a direct integration with your tools for centralizing all of your IT and financial data. By having your key metrics in one place, you’ll have a holistic view of how your business is performing, and where you can make improvements to your technology or spend. 
Every department, service, or tool can be set up as its own business unit within your account, so you can work more efficiently, and manage data in the way that makes sense to your company.

Create custom dashboards by business unit for improving IT operations and spending

Having clarity into how your technology and teams are performing is essential to thriving as a business. By creating custom dashboards within EZTBM®, you’re able to track the data that’s most important to you. Then, as business priorities and tools change over time, you can update your reports, or create new ones that scale with you.
No more wasting time on building manual, financial and IT performance reports!
Create Custom Dashboards
Instant Visibility Sevices

Get instant visibility into your costs, service and technology consumption levels 

Stop waiting days, weeks, or months to get the IT and financial data from other departments that you need. Once you’ve setup your account, you’ll have full and instant visibility into all of your business costs, services, and technology consumption across business units.

Both small and enterprise teams trust EZTBM® to manage their IT operations & financial data every day.

I would spend endless hours on data entry, manually building reports, and still didn’t have all the information that I needed. Teams, technology, and spend were siloed. With EZTBM, I can centralize everything, save tons of time, and finally make the right data-driven decisions.

Daniel T.
Chief Technology Officer
Multinational Computer Technology Company

Take control of your IT operations and business costs & start thriving today.

EZTBM® shows you where your business is spending money and the utilization of those investments – from products to services – to help you maximize your costs, and succeed.

Our plans and subscriptions are tailor-made to your business and annual technology spend, so let us recommend a plan. 

Schedule a demo at a time that works for you to view our software and learn more about our features.


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